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  • The Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center has a very active oral history program. We record our interviews digitally and store them on our network both in WAV and MP3 format. These are then transcribed and the PDF version is stored in the same folder as the MP3 audio with the hopes have having a web site some day that we can post these for the public to use.

    I would be interested in more information on what you need from us to partner with your program. We presently use Past Perfect to catalog our oral histories and to that provides the searchability that we have been looking for.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Masimer

  • ALA is working with StoryCorps to provide grants to libraries to capture oral histories in the same tradition as StoryCorps. This could be the means to collect the histories- I will keep in touch (I’m on the ALA Public Programs Advisory Committee.)
    Thanks for pulling this together. It’s going to be fantastic!

  • Hi — I just moved to Colorado from Wyoming. In Wyoming, I worked for Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources. Part of my job — the part I loved the most — was recording and editing oral histories and making them available online. I wont two awards from the Wyoming State Historical Society. I would love to be involved in your program in some way if possible. You can view/listen to some of my projects at http://www.archive.org — search Sue Castaneda for a complete list. I think oral histories are so important. It’s great to read a story about someone but even better to hear the story told in the person’s own words. Looking forward to hearing from you! Sue

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