Interest in Regional Oral History Association

Colorado and Wyoming are two states not currently affiliated with any regional oral-history association (e.g. Southwest OHA, Mid-Atlantic OHA, etc.). A working group comprised of folks from our shared “Square States” is exploring the enthusiasm for and feasibility of an alliance between Colorado and Wyoming. The group has begun identifying areas of opportunity and need that would be served by such an association; we’ve begun evaluating pros and cons of this two-state regional proposal. Stay tuned for more info.

Contact for working group is Nancy Freeman, National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins:

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I am the Head of Special Collections and Digital Initiatives at Auraria Library (serving University of Colorado-Denver; Metropolitan State University of Denver; and Community College of Denver). I am super-interested in this project and want to help out in any way I can. Auraria’s special collections are home to a variety of oral histories (across several themes – Chicano Movement, Amache Internment Camp, and prominent Denverites to name a few). Few if any have been digitized and the majority are recorded on 1/4″ rtr and audio cassette tapes. Prior to taking the position here at Auraria, I served as technologist and curator in the University of Florida Digital Library Center where I worked on dozens of oral history projects (metadata creation, capture, transcoding, and selection) alongside the folks at the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program of UF. Needless to say, I am very excited about the prospects of this push for a regional collaborative and want to do my part.


I am the curator of the Overland Trail Museum in Sterling Colorado and we are just starting an oral history project. We are starting from scratch and can use any and all support and help in getting this project off the ground. I would love to be a part of an oral history association.

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